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In 1976, the Whear children come together to pack up the estate of their parent’s after their Mother passes away. They find hidden on a shelf in their Mother’s closet her journals that she started to write in 1920. What they discover about their parents, they never new.

Come back to 1920. Catherine Pieper is a country woman, married to her first husband, a gambler and drunk, who abuses her and treats her ill. Through an event that she feels is preposterous, she is thrown into a situation that if she doesn’t participate could lose her home, Layne Hall.

In a school for woman, Catherine meets James Whear. He teaches her many things and treats her with kindness. James is working off a debt owed to the schools director, Jacob Mansfield. His father, also a gambler, died leaving the family estate, Whear Hall, in the clutches of Jacob. She is his last client and after she’s finished, his family home will return to him.

As their feelings for one another grow deeper, the time comes for her to leave and return to her abusive husband. Will they be able to find their way back to one another? Learn what the secrets hold.