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Dancing Flames at Haller Lake

Fifteen years after Kris Lake gained her magical abilities and fought many demons and Garda the puppet master, she and her husband Roman Lake lived peacefully by Haller Lake with their children and friends . The kids are teenagers now and Kris and Roman are as happy as ever.

Until one night when Kris has a nightmare about being burned at the stake and her friends, Cassie and Lorrie, have the same dream. They can’t figure out why they’d all have the same dream and because Kris knows her dreams could be visions and can be subjective, she thinks it might come out different, until the dream about the gallows.

The lake has gotten a new neighbor who belongs to a very conservative church. It becomes apparent that he could be the new threat.

Her shape shifter son is caught and taken to the ASPCA. A Lake Guard is shot and killed and her strange new neighbor starts building a hangman’s platform in his yard. The neighbor’s wife is in a mental hospital and his daughter is an innocent in all of this.

After all these years, Kris and Roman are unsure what to do to keep flames from dancing at Haller Lake

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