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Lauren Marie lives in Western Washington State with her calico cat – Shiva. She is a member of the Writers Cooperative of Pacific Northwest




She’s written –


Paranormal Romance                                                                         Time Travel Romance

The Haller Lake series (originally published 2010/                             Going to Another Place

Revised 2017)                                                                                     (originally published

Demon’s Scheme - Book 1                                                                2013/Revised 2018)

Magicks Pathway - Book 2                                                            

Portal Hop -Book 3                                                                           Reincarnation Romance

                                                                                                            Loves Touch Then and Now

                                                                                                            (originally published

 Contemporary Romance                                                                    2014/revised 2022

The Canon City series                                                                         Cursed Through Time

Love’s Embers – book 1

Love on Ice – book 2

Love in the Morning Mist – book 3




Stand alones –

One Touch at Cobb’s Bar and Grill - Montana Ranch anthology series, short story

I’m Not What You Think - short story

Golden Ribbons - The Miss Demeanor Detective Agency anthology series - short story (originally published 2015/Revised-extended version 2020)

Big Mike, Little Mike - short story

Secrets Beyond Dreams

Laura’s Choice – 2019


Lost in Confusion series

Lost in Confusion

Streaming Stalker – book 2

A New Life – book 3

Three Lost Men – book 4



Books as Monika Summerville


A Risky Dance                         Her Lie, His Truth

A Lost Dance                         A Convenient Pawn – Her Lie series book 2

A Flame Dance                      Lie in Our Grave – Her Lie series book 3 written as Lauren Marie


Midnight Weary

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