Lauren Marie Books

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Lauren Marie first published Going to Another Place in 2013.  With Books to Go, Now’s help the book has been re-edited and re-released. 


She is also the author of The Haller Lake series - A Demon’s Scheme - Book 1 and Magicks Pathway - Book 2,  Big Mike-Little, Golden Ribbons - story 4 of the Miss Demeanor Private Detective Agency series, I’m Not What You Think, Love’s Embers - book 1 of the Canon City Series, Love on Ice - book 2 of the Canon City Series, One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill - story 3 of the Montana Ranch Series, Love’s Touch - Then and Now, Going to Another Place.


             She lives in Western Washington State with three cats, Agamemnon, Jericho and Jasper